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  • A claw vending machine consists of prizes, usually plush toys or alternatives such as jewelry, capsuled toys, hats, balls, dolls, shirts, candy and devices. More expensive prizes are sometimes placed in a plastic bag so the toy is harder to pick up. The player inserts money or tokens into the machine, which then allows the ... • Found on Google
  • Just like the full-size arcade game, kids will love "clawing" their way to a prize (candy shown not included). This tabletop version comes with plastic coins to start the game and even features lights, sounds and music. It even has 3 joy stick controls for realistic play. • Found on Google
  • 3 days ago ... A kid in Florida really wanted a stuffed animal from inside a claw machine — so much that he got inside, and got stuck. A firefighter rescued him quickly. • Found on Google
  • 4 days ago ... Under the hashtag #YouNeverKnowWhatsGonnaHappen, the Titusville, Fla., Fire and Emergency Services Department reports extricating a boy Wednesday from an arcade claw machine. Apparently seeing no reason to wrestle with the contraption to get one of the stuffed toys inside, the boy reportedly ... • Found on Google
  • Jun 3, 2017 ... A boy climbed into a toy claw machine at an Aberdeen hotel Saturday and was trapped for about 30 minutes Saturday evening before the arcade machine owner arrived with a key to release him, Harford County officials said. The boy had climbed through the game's prize door and could not get out, ... • Found on Google
  • Mar 31, 2017 ... The 35-year-old man from China won 15,000 stuffed animals from “claw” machines last year alone. Zhitong's unique talent has drawn the ire of some business owners who operate the machines and fear his skill set. In a YouTube interview from Great Big Story, Zhitong says in translation, “When I play the ... • Found on Google
  • Jul 29, 2012 ... An arcade owner from somewhere in central California popped into Reddit late last night to confirm, in exacting detail, what everyone has long suspected: those goddamn claw machines do deliberately have a tissue-thin grip, even when you think you have it lined up directly over that plush toy and can't ... • Found on Google
  • 3 days ago ... An off-duty firefighter extricated the boy from the claw machine at a restaurant in Titusville, Florida. • Found on Google
  • 4 days ago ... Titusville fire officials rescued a boy from inside a claw machine Wednesday night, according to a Facebook post. • Found on Google
  • 3 days ago ... A Florida boy was so entranced by a new toy that he climbed inside of a claw machine to get it. What he didn't realize was that getting back out would be much harder than expected. The Titusville Fire and Emergency Services Department in Central Florida shared photos of the incident, showing the little ... • Found on Google
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